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At Bink Financial we can make a real quantitative difference to your profit, cash flow and in some cases survival of your business. Let us show you the difference we can make.

Case Study 1

A printing company needed to invest in a new printing press, the banks and funding organisations needed a business plan that demonstrated a cash flow forecast and profit and loss that satisfied their lending requirements.

Bink Financial put all of this together and the funding was granted on first application. 

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Case Study 2

This company was having cash flow issues over a number of years and had a history of late payment to suppliers. This meant that their suppliers never gave them the best deals or the best discounts due to late payment of their invoices.

Bink Financial provided this company with monthly cash flow forecasts that allowed the owners to manage their cashflow effectively and overcome the cash peaks and troughs they were suffering from. This company has now negotiated better payment terms and better discounts from their suppliers.

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Case Study 3

This manufacturing business never understood their break-even point and how having this information could be used to manage their business effectively.

Bink Financial worked with this client to provide them insights into their breakeven point and how this information could be used to effectively manage their sales and marketing efforts. This business has now changed it’s whole pricing policy once it has reached its breakeven point and has increased its profitability by over 40%.

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Case Study 4

This organisation had many different sales lines and products. Some were profitable, some were not. But the business owner had no information available to him that allowed him to maximise the profits of his company by focussing on the more profitable products in his business.

Bink Financial put the reporting processes and procedures in place that allowed the business owner to see instantly where the most profitable parts of his business were, and this allowed the business owner to target his sales and marketing team more effectively. Since the introduction of these processes this company has now been able to focus on the most profitable parts of their business and has increased margins by 29%.

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