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As they say ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. We have some very satisfied clients who have enjoyed our service. We hope you enjoy reading through them as much as we do.

Working with Jon has been really useful and especially helpful as a startup. Jon walked me through the process of what I needed and by when.

He even sorted out a number of issues HMRC had got wrong. This saved me so much time and hassle.

If you are looking for guidance of your accounts or you have a startup and want to hire an accountant in confidence, call Jon you won’t regret it.

August 2021

Rich Dibbins

Proprietor, Staxton Digital

When I started my business last year, I was very naive and required guidance, fortunately I found Bink Financial.  Jon has been with me throughout my journey, manoeuvring me through the pitfalls of a new business and offering an accountancy package at a respectable market value.

I do not see Bink Financial just as an accountancy business, they have offered me sound advice, which has benefited my own business growth.

January 2020

Bob Clark

Director, B-TEK Concrete Consultancy Limited

As a new freelance creative who had only ever previously worked PAYE, I employed Jon to help with the filing of my first self-assessment.

He communicated the process throughout and has been a wellspring of valuable information and advice.

I’ll definitely be employing his services going forward.

January 2021


Jamie Fulker

Sole Proprietor

I reached out to Jon for help when acquiring shares for a new business. I wanted to understand the process, which quite honestly left me feeling a little confused.

He helped me conduct the due diligence that I needed and made a complex process effortless to understand.

As a result, I feel like I have the confidence I need to press forward with my new venture.

Thanks, team Bink!

March 2021

Alia Coster

Director, Coster Content Ltd

We engaged the services of Bink Financial for an urgent short-term vacancy in our busy finance department.

Jon quickly got to grips with our systems and processes and was able to add value from the first day.

Jon has been a great flexible resource for us.

March 2020


Sharon Davis

Financial Accounting Manager, P&O Ferries

Jon from Bink Financial joined us at a time where confusion and a lack of clarity was preventing us from defining the future of our business.

He took the time to understand the business, what we were doing, and where we wanted to be, and then provided us with the tools to manage the business more efficiently and with confidence.

We finally have the ability to review the impact of orders on the business and make informed decisions to best guide our growth moving forwards.

I have no doubt that without Jon’s input we would likely be in a darker place right now.

December 2020


Darren Hollands

Director, Woodfield Systems Ltd

Thanks to Jon and the team I found a great company that could provide financial reporting and advice on the way.

I was not getting this with my previous accountant.

Jon has helped me in my accounts so much, I am up to date and on track again.

January 2021


Antony Boycott

Director, A A B Automotive Limited

Jon takes the stress out of it all, making accounting a stress free process.

No question is a daft question and he is on hand to help guide you through the process.

I highly recommend Bink Financial a company that cares.

July 2021


Nina Jackson

Proprietor, Nina Jackson Consultancy

Enlisting the services of Bink Financial has enabled us to take complete control of our accounts and enabled us to produce reports and statistics that were never previously available.

With the direction and assistance from Jon Binks and his team, Bink Financial have encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zone and embrace the benefits of in-house accounting.

They have spent time getting to know us as a team and gained personal knowledge as to how our business is run, which in turn enabled them to provide a new Xero accounting system and staff training which now allows us complete visibility of our financial position on a day by day basis.

January 2020

Mark Holmwood

Director, Seaholm Logistics Limited

It isn’t the fact that Jon is immensely talented and highly skilled at what he does that makes me want to write this recommendation (although, that has definitely helped).

It isn’t his ability to turn any complex problems I have into simple solutions that has enabled my business to grow.

It isn’t even the fact that Jon has saved me from hours of analytics and number crunching so I can do what I do best and drive my sales teams to produce their best.

Talent is everywhere, but when you can take the talent of someone like Jon, and couple that with his natural ability to just relentlessly care for your business, it makes a huge impact.

That’s why I am recommending Jon. The man is powerful beyond measure.

April 2020


Rikki Lear

Director, LC Communications Limited

I have recently started my own business and I always knew I needed to find an accountant to make the finances easy for me. This is exactly what I have found with Bink Financial.

Jon has a very calming approach, explains things in simple terms and answered all my questions when I was completing my self assessment.

Clair is also fab and is a Xero guru who has helped me get set up correctly and regularly checks in to keep me on track.

I would highly recommend them both. Thanks Jon and Clair 🙂.

February 2021

Julia Crawford

Director, People Pillar Ltd

I needed a company that could provide financial reporting and advice in a timely manner and be in my corner at all times with all things finance related.

I was not getting this with my previous accountants.

Jon has delivered on this and been very effective in managing my business financial affairs with the minimum of fuss and best possible outcome.

October 2019

Anthony Hewitt

Proprietor, Enter Digital

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